Planning Considerations

The most important thing to consider when designing a bathroom, regardless of it's size, is the amount of space between fixtures. In some instances there are actually specific codes for plumbing that will restrict distances of fixtures from other objects. 


Adequate ventilation & heating is something that needs to be considered but is often missed during the design phase. Poor ventilation can lead to unwanted mould problems later on which will require further maintenance and is a very important part of the design phase, so as to avoid possible health issues. 


Consideration of distances between doors and other fixtures is another important aspect as often a small bathroom could be hindered simply by the ability to access the room comfortably.


Some functional considerations for fixtures & accesories are as follows:


  • Shower door and bathroom door do not obstruct each other

  • Toilet placed in a discreet position for increased privacy

  • Toilet roll holder in a position where it can be easily accessed

  • Towel rings or rails within easy reach of showers & basins

  • Mirrors placed at a height suitable for all users

  • Lighting sufficient & placed in appropriate position for use with mirrors

  • Drainage in a position to capture potential overflow from any fixture

  • Sufficient storage should be included 

  • Power points should be located near vanities for convenience, however, the number required and electrical safety needs to be considered carefully

  • Non-slip flooring & hand rails should also be considered for safety





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